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The brand, considered one of the leaders in this niche, began in 1939 as a private company that wanted to offer the hotel industry and the market high quality standard procedures, with the aim of creating quality standards and operational practices for all hotels in the industry. There was also a large 7-Up bottling plant in Greenfield, Indiana, which ceased operations in the mid-20th century. Choice Hotels, Greenfield Rodeway Inn is a chain of hotels known for its high quality, affordable motels and hotels. This low-cost motel chain, based in the US and Canada, is best suited to North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

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Breakfast is included in the price, but taxes and fees are not included in the price. Parking, room and air conditioning are provided by our partners. Less than $a is a big deal to get here from downtown without driving and save 50%. Parking, rooms, air conditioning and prices for parking and rooms in our partner hotels can be provided without taxes or fees. Reservations can be cancelled by calling 855 - 516 - 1090 or using the Customer Service Portal. Save up to $50 on your first room reservation at any Greenfield hotel and resort in the Indianapolis area.

Based on our reviews, Super 8 Wyndham Greenfield offers a complimentary breakfast buffet, free Wi-Fi and is an economical choice for travelers looking for an economical choice. We couldn't have found more Choice hotels in Greenfields, but we thought you might like the Budget Inn Green field, so we did.

This three-storey hotel offers a complimentary buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi, ironing facilities and a full bar. The Comfort Inn features a wide range of amenities including a large pool, pool bar, fitness centre and gym. Enjoy a good view of the Greenfield River, a beautiful view from the front door of the hotel and a comfortable walk - to the parking lot.

With free parking and a free breakfast, Day Inn Wyndham Greenfield features a large pool, pool bar, fitness centre and gym, and free Wi-Fi. There are many hotels available for travelers who want to stay at the Crowne Indianapolis Greenfield Hotel in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. This two-storey hotel offers a wide range of amenities including a swimming pool and fitness centre, bar and indoor pool.

Travelers can look for comfort in comfort at the Crowne Indianapolis Greenfield Hotel in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The rooms are available to travelers who can search and use in a variety of ways, including a bed and breakfast, a wellness center and even a fitness center.

Langston said the summer months of June, July and August are a busy time for hotel guests in Greenfield. For the first time last year, Jones said Hancock County Tourism paid for the county's hotels to be listed in the Indiana Travel Guide, which is issued by Indiana's Department of Tourism. The publication on state tourism is available in more than 100 cities across the state, including Indianapolis, Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, he said. With the influx of guests choosing to stay on the green meadow from Indianapolis to Indianapolis in August and September to visit Indianapolis International Airport and other attractions in and around the city of Indianapolis, she says Hancock County is experiencing an overflow.

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The Comfort Inn Hotel is located in Greenfield, Indiana, just a short drive from Indianapolis International Airport, which is 10 miles away. Seven Miles Property, the Amtrak Greyhound Terminal is in the direction of travel, and the Indiana State Police Station is just a few blocks away, as well as an Amtrak station and bus stop.

S. Keystone Avenue, Indianapolis, 46219, is within 30 minutes in both directions and just a few blocks from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Greenfield your choice of hotel, but be sure to check back when you arrive # ve just checked this place. The place for the Indy 500 is terrible, so I won't even sign up again just to check it out.

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