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If you're in Greenfield (or elsewhere) at the end of summer, be sure to visit James C. Riley's house on South Main Street. This historic Indiana landmark is the birthplace of Riley and features period decorations, memorabilia and works by the poet. Founded in 1863, it is located opposite Newfields and bears a striking resemblance to the original home of John James Audubon, one of Indiana's first poets.

Located on Brandywine Creek, the park offers a variety of well-maintained facilities including a picnic area, picnic tables and picnic areas. Spread over 60 hectares, it is one of the largest public parks in the state of Indiana with over 1,000 hectares of open space.

Make a pilgrimage to the pioneer of the Kalamazoo microbrewery and sip one of the country's best craft beers at the Great American Beer Festival. This golf mecca has golf courses for all levels, with a variety of courses and a wide range of options for golfers of all levels.

Whether you want to get out and about or get indoors, downtown Indy has it all, from hiking trails, parks, museums and shopping. From the traversing nature trails to the Highlands, there is something for everyone in the Indy Parks. Take a relaxing stroll along the Pennsy Trail or experience an exciting performance at the Indiana State Fair or the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Whether you want to do it all, Greenfield has something Whether hiking, biking, camping, golfing or shopping, it has everything for you.

Trail visitors can learn about Greenfield's history on historic signposts along the trail and at attractions. If you want to learn more about the history of Hancock County, there is also a museum operated by the Hancock County Historical Society, the Hancock Museum of Art.

With the unique 3D satellite map from Google Earth, you can dive directly into Greenfield, Indiana. Explore the city's historic buildings, sites and landmarks, as well as its unique landscape. See below for Greenfields Indiana photos and images from the satellite, or click here for a map of the area.

If you ever need an idea of things to do in Greenfield, Indiana, you have a great place to keep your kids busy. You can also find other things in the city, such as parks, museums and other places you can do. If you're on the far east side, head to the north side of Greenfields Indiana to see the historic buildings and sites.

If it sounds good to go south or just be in southern Indiana, we love the idea, and try the Midwest. Greenfield Indiana is located in the southernmost part of Indiana and only a few miles south of Indianapolis, Indiana.

There is plenty to do for residents and visitors alike, and some of them can provide a nice change from your busy schedule. Just north of downtown Greenfield, the Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Salon is a great place to enjoy coffee and browse the local gaming scene as well as some great restaurants and shops.

Riley's Old Home also has a gift shop, and visitors can experience many greenfield events there year-round. Of course, there is the Indianapolis Zoo, where you can visit the new babies, as well as a variety of other attractions.

Hoover poet James Whitcomb Riley hails from Greenfield and for a small fee you can visit his old home. For more information about Greenfield's famous authors, visit the Indiana State Library website and Riley's Old Home. During the weekend celebrations, a shuttle service will take you from the city centre to the green meadow to the historic town hall and other historic buildings.

For those looking for something different to offer kids some fun activities, Indy offers plenty of fun adventures in every price range. The Indiana State Fair is one of the most highly anticipated and popular events in the state of Indiana, offering a host of activities over several days.

Red Rooster is another fun Greenfield antiques store that offers a wide range of antiques and vintage items as well as some of the most unique items you can pay for. Located on North Apple Street in Greenfields, it offers a diverse mix of vintage and antiques from around the world. There are a variety of styles you can find as you make your way around the city. In the heart of downtown Indianapolis, just blocks from the Indiana State Fair, you will find an antique shop that offers a wide variety of items, most of them from Indiana and the Midwest.

Also downtown is Wooden Bear Brewing, a family-friendly brewery that uses locally sourced meat in all its beers and also uses locally sourced meat. Targets include DeBranding Brewing Company, Greenfield Brewing Co. and the Indiana State Fair.

One of the most popular destinations for families is the Tuttle fruit plantation, which offers everything from a visit to the pumpkin basin to playing in the tractor area, guided tours and educational games. This cozy and fun Greenfield restaurant, located at 12 W. Main Street, is decorated with antiques and games, and antiques are among the most popular activities.

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